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Let me finalize your kitchen plan and provide you with a complete ready-to-order package



Make sure you have everything at hand before starting the kitchen installation


The Ikea Kitchen Layout Plan Review Package

Get It Right - Save Time - Save Money - Less Stress

The Layout Plan Review Package – the cornerstone of a successful installation


In more than 95% of all the kitchens, I have been asked to install, but where I wasn’t involved in creating the layout plan and order process, less than a handful had a validated layout plan and a complete order list prior to me getting involved in the project.


In other words, this means, that if a review of the layout plan hadn’t been carried out prior to ordering and installation, the installation process would have run into problems due to missing parts or cabinets that simply couldn’t be installed at all. The latter could be due to wrong measurements but also to a lack of understanding of the Ikea product portfolio.


Don’t let this happen to you. Whether you’re installing your new Ikea kitchen yourself or having a local pro doing the work, having your layout plan and order list reviewed and validated by an Ikea kitchen expert, will make your installation less stressful.


Scroll down to view the video if you are not fully convinced that a Layout Plan Review Package will add value to your project, or click the pictures below to see what is included and to submit your very own Ikea layout plan for review.


3D Design Visualization

A well laid-out plan is half the work.


Let’s make sure that your new kitchen fits YOU and YOUR needs

Verified Order Lists

Check twice – Order once.


The foundation for a well-executed kitchen project is a carefully checked layout plan and a COMPLETE order list.


Going to Ikea can be fun but not when you are in the middle of the installation of your new kitchen.

List of Materials and best practice

Having all the right tools aren’t enough.


You gotta add a few extra materials too.


A complete shopping list of what’s needed is included in the Design Review Package plus other vital documents helping you succeed.

Why you need this

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why you need this.

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