The ultimate foundation for a trouble-free IKEA kitchen layout plan is a set of correct measurements and assessments of some essential physical characteristics of the room.


Follow a comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide which will take you from start to finish, showcasing every essential chapter of an Ikea kitchen installation.


Here you will find my complete library of articles. The content is still a work in progress and will expand with the creation of new content.

How To Build A Double Row Ikea Kitchen Island!

Dreaming of a BIG kitchen island right in your own home? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, bolstered by over 240 successful IKEA kitchen installations, I’ll explain how to seamlessly install two rows of Ikea kitchen cabinets back-to-back to create your dream IKEA kitchen island. In...

Easy Tutorial: The Floating Island

Everyone wants a kitchen island, but not everyone can install them to their kitchen floor. Let’s make a floating kitchen island! I have a few articles and videos about installing a kitchen island made of IKEA cabinets. In these installs, I use the legs and support brackets provided by...

Can You Identify Poor Quality?

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right.” Hunter S. Thomson said those famous words, but we don’t know if he knew how to identify poor quality. However, I am not sure the creator of Gonzo journalism was thinking about kitchen installations in particular. But we really don’t know that...