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My name is Lars Rannes and I run a small business offering services related to kitchens from Ikea.

Apart from installing Ikea kitchens for locals in Ottawa, Canada, I offer to do Layout Plan Reviews for customers all over the world. A lot of people wants to install their new Ikea kitchen by themselves or let someone else do it, and in order to ensure that the order process and the installations go smoothly, they ask me to go through the design and make sure the order list is complete before the order is placed with Ikea.

When you order a Layout Plan Review from me, you are taking advantage of my extensive experience from installing more than 100 Ikea kitchens. Not two kitchens are alike and having dealt with the installation of any kind of Ikea cabinet there is, I can pretty much guarantee you, that your installation will go as planned if you let me help you get started.

My way of working includes great attention to detail and personal customer service throughout. I strive to get it right the first time and my goal is to help you get a trouble-free installation of your Ikea kitchen installation.

How I got here

Originally I am from Denmark and I moved to Canada from Switzerland in 2013. I love being here, the Canadians, and the country so much, that I decided to call Canada home and in 2018, I became a Canadian citizen.

My background is in mechanical engineering but after working 25+ years in a number of engineer related jobs, I felt like doing something I would be passionate about. Something I would really love doing. I found that passion, by a coincidence actually, when I started to install Ikea kitchens and I haven't stopped since. I still develop all kinds of products on my own in my spare time, but my focus is on installations of Ikea kitchens and how to make the installation as trouble-free as possible. Until now I have installed more than 100 kitchens and I hope to reach kitchen #150 in 2021.

I still love what I do and I believe combining my enthusiasm with my experience is what gets perfect results.

How we can work together

If you are planning to have an Ikea kitchen installed, you will most likely benefit from having me taking a closer look at your layout plan.

The Ikea Online Kitchen Planner is a good tool for creating your layout plan but unfortunately, it is far from perfect. Most people who create their own design end up with a mediocre result which in most cases does not look like the kitchen they were visioning and as it contains a significant number of mistakes, it will lead to an incomplete order list which again will lead to delays, extra time and money spent, and worst of all; a lot of frustration and agony.

Don't let that happen to you. Let me help you get it right from the beginning.

Check out the Layout Plan Review Package to learn more about what I have to offer or if you want to ask me something, get in contact here.

Thank you for using my services!

All the best,