Welcome to Kitchens by Rannes

My name is Lars Rannes, and I run a small business in Ottawa offering Ikea kitchen installation to anyone who values good craftsmanship and a fair price.

I am from Denmark, and I moved to Canada from Switzerland in 2013. I love the Canadians and the country so much that I decided to call Canada my home, and in 2018, I became a Canadian citizen.

My background is in mechanical engineering, but after working 25+ years in several engineer-related jobs, I felt it was time to try something I would be more passionate about, so I started to do Ikea kitchen installations in Ottawa. I still develop products independently, but I focus on the installations of Ikea kitchens because that is what I enjoy doing. I’ve been doing home renovation work for over 30 years, and until now, I have installed more than 240 kitchens.

I love what I do and believe combining my enthusiasm with my experience gets perfect results.

I hope you will be inspired to install your own Ikea kitchen by reading some of the articles on this website and watching some of my YouTube videos.

Thank you.

Lars Rannes