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I have a dishwasher between the base sink cabinet and a high cabinet, so there is support on one end but not the other.

I am trying to find the best or alternative way to add support at the high cabinet end besides just adding another end panel that will sit under the end of the bench top. Any advice would be good. I plan to use a cut-down end panel screwed to the high cabinet, which will run to the floor if I can’t find a better alternative…


In the situation you describe, I use a few of the surplus 90° brackets that come with the reinforced rail for the sink cabinet if they aren’t needed elsewhere. Two securely fastened into the panel+high cabinet is sufficient.
Sometimes, I add a Fixa bracket behind the rail on the back wall for extra support. It depends on how much the countertop folks whine 🙂


I want your opinion on how to go about securing the bottom of my fridge panel on the left side of the fridge. I’ve included a picture for reference. Any ideas or guidance you can offer would be very much appreciated.


I usually only secure it into the wall, behind the fridge. I use 2-3 90° brackets.

On very rare occasions, I also put a bracket from the panel into the floor. I don’t want to make holes in the floor, and in most cases, it isn’t necessary.



Do you have a video on installing Forbattra trim under the upper cabinets?

I want to install it mounted vertically with the hardware as per IKEA instructions, but they’re vague on where the trim should go—there’s no mention of whether it should be flush with the face of the cabinets or doors or slightly proud to the end of the little radius on it.

Could you offer any advice? 


If you’re thinking about the valence/deco strip, check this out.

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