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Why isn’t the order list I’ve created, within the online planner, sufficient?

In my experience, from installing more than 80 Ikea kitchens, the Online Ikea Kitchen Planner generated order list is either incomplete or has one or more mistakes. And whether you or the Ikea employees created the list, isn’t much of a difference.

When the order list is created in the online planner, the quantity of most of the items, such as legs, suspension rails, lights, panels etc. are calculated automatically based on your choices. However, more often than not, these calculations come out with errors.

Additionally, to make matters worse, the amiable people at Ikea, who are there to assist you with creating your design and order list, are trained in designing Ikea kitchens and not installations. This means that they are not familiar with the complexity of the work involved in installing an Ikea kitchen.

Dragging and dropping cabinets and picking doors, drawers and lights on a computer screen is one thing. Transforming the layout plan from the online planner into a real kitchen is something very different. It isn’t easy, and mistakes will inevitably happen.

Why Ikea doesn’t fix the flaw in the online planner and adds some extra parts here and there to make sure you have enough, I really cannot say. I do know, however, how annoying, time-consuming, and cost-increasing it is when one or more parts are missing in the order. By ordering a Design Review Package, you will avoid these costly mistakes.

Are you an Ikea Certified Kitchen installer?

No, I am not and neither is anyone else who otherwise claims to be.

In fact, there is no such thing as a certification issued by Ikea to any kitchen installer. It simply doesn’t exist.

“But why do some kitchen installers claim to be certified by Ikea then?” you may ask.

I cannot know for sure but my guess would be that they hope it will bring them more business as you may see them as being better or more trustworthy, which of course isn’t the case.