Full Layout Plan Review & Order List Revision


Complete Layout Plan Design Review – 3 revisions.

Say goodbye to design flaws and installation worries – This package covers everything.

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The Ikea Layout Plan Review Package includes:

  • Layout Plan Review (3 revisions).
  • Order List Verification.
  • Panel Planning.
  • Power Planning (for Ikea lights only).
  • Island Support Overview. 

Read more about each item below.

Please be aware that to benefit from purchasing this package, you must have either a completed layout plan created in the Ikea Online Planner or a Design ID from Ikea.

Benefits you can expect from this comprehensive service:

1. Optimized Functionality: Your kitchen should be designed to make daily life easier. I’ll meticulously evaluate your layout plan and optimize it for efficiency. Say goodbye to wasted space and unsightly fillers and hello to a kitchen that works for you and looks good at the same time.

2. Smooth Installation: A well-executed installation is the key to a successful kitchen renovation. I’ll scrutinize your layout plan to ensure it’s installer-friendly, eliminating potential hiccups and costly delays. I aim to make the installation process as smooth as possible for you.

3. Order List Perfection: Leave no room for surprises. I’ll carefully inspect your order list to ensure you have every essential component for a seamless installation—no more last-minute dashes to Ikea or delays caused by missing parts.

4. Panel Perfection: The Panel Plan will show you exactly which panels will be used and where they must be installed, ensuring your kitchen installations don’t halt when it’s time to put on the panels.

5. Illuminating Ideas: Lighting can transform the ambiance of your kitchen. This package includes recommendations for the best locations of power supplies for Ikea under/inside cabinet lights, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

6. Island Support Overview: If you plan to have an island in your kitchen, I’ve got you covered. I’ll provide recommendations for the placement of Ikea Support Brackets, ensuring your island is not only a functional entity but also structurally sound.

Starting strong.

With the Ikea Kitchen Layout Plan Review Package, you can trust that your kitchen project is off to a good start, as it will be evaluated by an experienced professional passionate about bringing your vision to life without hiccups.

Say goodbye to design flaws and installation worries—I’ve covered everything. Ordering and installing your dream kitchen is just a click away.

This is how it works.

After purchasing the Ikea Kitchen Layout Plan Review Package, I will email you information about how to send me your layout plan and what additional information is needed.

You will receive the first draft within five (5) business days, after which you can respond in writing with comments, wishes, and required changes.

Based on your email, I will respond with an updated layout.

The package includes three (3) revisions besides the first draft.

Additional revisions can be purchased separately if you require more.

After completion of the layout plan process, I will email you a document package containing the following:

  • Verified Layout Plan with Ready-to-Print designs of front view, interior front view, top view, and special notes, if applicable.
  • Verified Order List.
  • Panel Plan
  • Cabinet Power Supplies Location Plan (if applicable).
  • Island Support Brack Location Plan (if applicable).


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