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Installation plan – which orders to do what


Hang rails.

Depending on the layout plan you may hang all rails at once to begin with.

However, sometimes it makes sense to hang some of the upper cabinets before mounting the lower rail. That would be the case if you have a long corner cabinet which isn’t pushed all the way to the wall at the end as it must be aligned with the upper cabinets (show).

Assemble and hang wall cabinets. Start with corner cabinets. Prepare for lights.

Assemble and hang high cabinets. Prepare for lights.

Assemble and hang base cabinets.

Install panels

Install fillers

Install lights

Install vent hood/microhood

Install Valence

Install deco mould/strips on upper cabinets

Install cabinet hardware e.g. lazy Susan

Install shelves

Install doors and drawers

Align doors and drawers

Install handles and knobs

Install toe-kicks