How to Modify An Ikea Wall Cabinet in The Width: Step-by-Step

A surefire way to make any size cabinet work for you.

The Ikea Sektion kitchen system makes home remodelling easier. However, finding the exact cabinet sizes you need can be challenging. However, did you know that modifying any Ikea cabinet to the size you need is easy?

In this article, we will walk you through a step-by-step guide that shows you how to modify the width of an Ikea wall cabinet. You can watch the full video below or keep reading to learn more.

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When should you reduce the width of a cabinet?

There are two common situations where it would be helpful to reduce the width of a cabinet.

First, the narrowest wall cabinet sold by Ikea measures 12 inches wide. If you need a cabinet smaller than 12 inches, you can cut it down to the width you need. Commonly, you might have about 5 or 10 inches to fill. In that case, you can take a drawer front that is 5 or 10 inches high, rotate it 90 degrees, and put some hinges on it so that it can be used as a cabinet door.

A narrow cabinet can be a great alternative to a filler because it looks nicer and can be convenient for storing things like cutting boards and cookie sheets.

Another situation where you might want to reduce the width of a cabinet is when there is a cabinet shortage, and you cannot get the size you need. Instead of delaying your project, you can get a cabinet that is larger than you need and cut it down to size.

How to reduce the width of a cabinet: Step-by-Step

In this example, we are starting with a 36-inch wide cabinet and turning it into a 30-inch wall cabinet. However, this step-by-step guide can apply to any size cabinet.

Unpack The Box

First, carefully unpack your box and identify the cabinet’s top, bottom, and sides. We will only be modifying the top and bottom, so set the sides safely away.

Mark The Cuts

You want to cut the top and the bottom boards on the same side. That way, only one end of your cabinet is modified. So, mark your cuts on the same end.

If you get this wrong, you will have screws showing on two sides of the cabinet when you are done. Not a big deal since a panel will cover those, but assembling the modified cabinet is much easier.

Assemble The Cabinet

After you make your cuts, start assembling the cabinet according to the instructions.

You will not have the predrilled factory holes on the side you have cut, but do not worry. Instead of using the hardware that comes with the cabinet, we will use screws to assemble that side.

Find a drill bit the same size as the wooden pegs. Drill holes in the same places where a wooden peg would have been. This will make assembling the cabinet easier in a future step.

Insert the back of the cabinet to help you align all the pieces, including the side you have cut.

To screw the cut side in place, you will need to use screws that are at least 1-3/4 inches long. Screws at least this size will grip well and make the cabinet as strong as it was initially. I used 1-3/4 inch number 8 screws.

Make sure everything is flush and predrill a hole through the top where you want to add a screw, being careful not to drill where there is already a hole on the inside. You will want to put two screws on each side of the cabinet, but I recommend only adding one screw to one side before doing the same on the other. This helps you make sure everything is aligned nicely.

Next, predrill through the pre-existing holes where the wooden pegs should go, then insert those pegs as you would normally.

Finally, flip the cabinet over and add nails.

And there you have it! You have successfully converted a too-wide cabinet into the perfect size for your job.

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